SAP Management Pack Host Agent Add-on :: (Management Pack)

OZSoft SAP Management Pack Host Agent Add-on Core


OZSoft Consulting Management Pack for SAP Monitoring Host Agent Add-on

Enables additional monitoring via SAP Host Control Agents, without the involvement of CCMS


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Management Pack Elements

ConditionDetection Modules (12)

 DisplayNameIDIsolationAccessibility Between Detection Counter Detection Counter/Instance AppServer Instance Between Instance Over Instance Under Detection Object/Counter Over Detection Threshold Value Under

DataSource Modules (39)

 DisplayNameIDIsolationAccessibility Points Discovery DataSource Servers Discovery DataSource Server Update Discovery DataSource Discovery DataSource Discovery DataSource Engine Applications Discovery DataSource Engines Discovery DataSource Engine Services Discovery DataSource Processes Discovery DataSource DB Discovery DataSource System Update Discovery DataSource Alerts Internal DataSource Alerts AppServer MP Errors Internal DataSource AppServer MP Errors Internal Point Performance Wrapper Point Performance Server Availability Wrapper Server Availability Server OS Performance Wrapper Server OS Performance Server Queues Performance Wrapper Server Queues Performance Availability Availability Wrapper OS Performance OS Performance Wrapper Performance Performance Wrapper Application Performance Wrapper Application Performance Process Performance Wrapper Process Performance Service Performance Wrapper Service Performance Session Performance Wrapper Session Performance Module Module Wrapper

Secure References (1)

 DisplayNameIDContextAccessibility Host Control Monitoring

Categories (1)


Discoveries (11)

 DisplayNameIDTargetEnabled Points Servers Server Update DB Engine Applications Engines Engine Services Processes DB Update

Component Implementations (2)


Component References (1)


Component Types (2)


Assemblies (1)

 IDFile NameAccessibility

Deployable Assemblies (1)

 IDFile NameAccessibility