Citrix IMA Service Monitor

Citrix.PresentationServer.IMAService.ServiceMonitor (UnitMonitor)

Monitors state of an IMA service on this server

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This alert indicates that the Citrix Independent Management Architecture (IMA) service is not running on the server. The Citrix IMA service is used by servers to exchange vital data. The server continues to serve existing sessions, and accept new connections. However, important features such as client printer auto-creation do not function, and server and session status information is no longer available to the Presentation Server Console.


If you have not stopped the Citrix IMA service manually (for example, to back up or restore the data store) this error indicates that an internal error has occurred or that there is a problem with the data store.


Attempt to restart the Citrix Independent Management Architecture service. Use the Services control panel or type the following command at the command line:

net start imaservice

If the Citrix IMA service fails to restart successfully, you may find the following guidelines useful:

Note: This information can also be found in the "Troubleshooting" section of the Advanced Concepts Guide for Citrix Presentation Server.

  • If the Service Control Manager reports that the Citrix IMA service could not be started, but the service eventually starts, ignore this message. The Service Control Manager has a time-out of six minutes. The Citrix IMA service can take longer than six minutes to start if the load on the database exceeds the capabilities of the database hardware or the network has high latency.
  • Examine the following registry setting: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\IMA\Runtime\CurrentlyLoadingPlugin
    If the value is blank, the Citrix IMA service could not connect to the data store or the local host cache is missing or corrupt. If a value exists, the Citrix IMA service made a connection to the data store, but a subsystem failed to load, preventing the Citrix IMA service from starting. The value displayed is the name of the subsystem that failed to load.
  • If you are using a direct connection to the data store, verify that ODBC connectivity exists.
  • If you are using an indirect connection to the data store, verify that the Citrix IMA service is running on the direct server.
  • Review the entries in the event log for the Citrix IMA service error code that is returned. See the "IMA Error Codes" section of the Advanced Concepts Guide for Citrix Presentation Server for more information about why the Citrix IMA service fails to start.
  • Verify that the spooler service is started in the context of System rather than a user.

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Element properties:

Parent MonitorCitrix.PresentationServer.IMA.AvailabilityState
Alert GenerateTrue
Alert SeverityMatchMonitorHealth
Alert PriorityNormal
Alert Auto ResolveTrue
Monitor TypeMicrosoft.Windows.CheckNTServiceStateMonitorType
Alert Message
Citrix IMA service is not running
The Citrix IMA service is not active on this server.

Source Code:

<UnitMonitor ID="Citrix.PresentationServer.IMAService.ServiceMonitor" Accessibility="Public" Enabled="true" Target="Citrix.PresentationServer.ManagedServer" ParentMonitorID="Citrix.PresentationServer.IMA.AvailabilityState" Remotable="true" Priority="Normal" RunAs="CtxLibrary!Citrix.PresentationServer.CitrixAdministratorAccount" TypeID="Windows!Microsoft.Windows.CheckNTServiceStateMonitorType" ConfirmDelivery="false">
<AlertSettings AlertMessage="Citrix.PresentationServer.IMAService.ServiceMonitor.AlertMessage">
<OperationalState ID="Success" MonitorTypeStateID="Running" HealthState="Success"/>
<OperationalState ID="Error" MonitorTypeStateID="NotRunning" HealthState="Error"/>