Zone Elections Monitor

Citrix.PresentationServer.ZoneElectionRate.Monitor (UnitMonitor)

Monitors zone election rate in a Citrix zone

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The rate of zone elections is high. This may indicate server or network problems.


In a server farm, a zone is a grouping of servers that share a common data collector, which is a server that receives information from all the servers in the zone. Data collectors store information about the servers and published applications in the server farm.

A zone in a server farm elects, or selects, a data collector for the zone if a new server joins the zone or the current data collector becomes unavailable. A data collector becomes unavailable if the server goes down or is disconnected from the network, or if you move the server to another zone. Therefore, unless you are adding new servers to the farm or making updates, zone elections may indicate a problem on the server or the network because zone elections occur when servers are unable to contact the data collector.

The alert may be raised by any server in the zone.


Check the data collector and your network infrastructure to determine if there are problems.

Make sure you set the preference ranking of one server in the zone to Most Preferred. Set the preference ranking of another server to Preferred, and set all the other servers to Not Preferred.

In large server farms and enterprise networks with high client traffic, you can reduce the possibility of data collector performance issues by using dedicated data collectors. To do this, set up data collectors on servers that do not host applications for client sessions.

External Knowledge Sources

The following sources of information can be helpful when dealing with this error:

  • Citrix Presentation Server Administrator's Guide - English

Or search the Citrix knowledge base for more information.

Sample Event

Zone elections are too frequent for zone $Parameter 2$ in farm $Parameter 1$ (Maximum rate is configured as $Parameter 5$ elections in $Parameter 8$).

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Element properties:

Parent MonitorSystem.Health.AvailabilityState
Instance NameCitrix MetaFrame Presentation Server
Counter NameZone Elections
Alert GenerateTrue
Alert SeverityMatchMonitorHealth
Alert PriorityNormal
Alert Auto ResolveFalse
Monitor TypeSystem.Performance.DeltaThreshold
Alert Message
Zone elections: rate of zone elections is high
Zone elections are too frequent for zone {0} in farm {1}.

Source Code:

<UnitMonitor ID="Citrix.PresentationServer.ZoneElectionRate.Monitor" Accessibility="Public" Enabled="true" Target="Citrix.PresentationServer.ZoneDataCollector" ParentMonitorID="Health!System.Health.AvailabilityState" Remotable="true" Priority="Normal" RunAs="CtxLibrary!Citrix.PresentationServer.CitrixAdministratorAccount" TypeID="Performance!System.Performance.DeltaThreshold" ConfirmDelivery="false">
<AlertSettings AlertMessage="Citrix.PresentationServer.ZoneElectionRate.Monitor.AlertMessage">
<OperationalState ID="Warning" MonitorTypeStateID="OverThreshold" HealthState="Warning"/>
<OperationalState ID="Success" MonitorTypeStateID="UnderThreshold" HealthState="Success"/>
<CounterName>Zone Elections</CounterName>
<ObjectName>Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server</ObjectName>