Generic Delta Value Change Mapped DS

ComTrade.Citrix.NetScaler.Monitoring.Generic.DeltaValueChangeMapped.DS (DataSourceModuleType)

Generic Delta value Change DS with mapped output property value.

Element properties:


Member Modules:

ID Module Type TypeId RunAs 
DS DataSource ComTrade.Citrix.NetScaler.Monitoring.Generic.Performance.DS Default
DeltaChangeCD ConditionDetection System.Performance.DeltaValueCondition Default
FilterDeltaChange ConditionDetection System.ExpressionFilter Default
ValueFilterMapper ConditionDetection System.Performance.DataGenericMapper Default

Overrideable Parameters:

IDParameterTypeSelectorDisplay NameDescription
IntervalSecondsint$Config/IntervalSeconds$Update Interval in SecondsThe update interval in seconds.
SyncTimestring$Config/SyncTime$Synchronization TimeThe synchronization time.
Debugbool$Config/Debug$Debug FlagWhen true writes more info in events log.
CacheExpirationFactordouble$Config/CacheExpirationFactor$Cache Expiration FactorIn order to utilize requests to the NetScaler device data collector use the caching. Default cache expire limits can be set via configuration utility. Default value for cache expiration factor is 1.0. If it is set to 0.0 than caching data is not used. This factor scale default cache expire limits.