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ComTrade.Citrix.XenDesktop.DeliveryGroup.Shared.ServerOS.CurrentLoadAvailable.Monitor (UnitMonitor)

Monitors the percentage of currently available delivery group load/capacity. Load availability is the percentage of free load index on all active server machines vs. total available load index on all active server machines. Free load index is a total non-used load index on all active servers in the delivery group. Total available load index is a number obtained by counting all active server machines in the delivery group. Each server machine has a potential of load index 10000.

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This monitor shows the percentage of currently available delivery group load/capacity and alerts if the available capacity is below threshold. Available capacity is the capacity that is instantly available to the end-users. If there is no capacity available (all active machines have reached maximum load) the delivery controller will start a new machine in the delivery group if available. Power management defines idle pool settings (delivery group power time scheme and peak buffer) which enable Citrix administrators to control, for example, how many machines should be kept available in an idle state during peak hours.

The primary purpose of this monitor is to detect situations where instantly available capacity is low, although overall delivery group capacity is not nearing its maximum potential. When there is no free capacity left, end-users will temporary not be able to make new connections until a new machine gets started and is ready to accept connections.

Load availability (in %) shows the currently available capacity of a delivery group at a certain point in time if no additional machines are made available by the delivery controller.

Currently available capacity is the percentage of available load on all active machines vs. load potential on all active machines in the delivery group. Each machine has a maximum load potential of 10000 (load index). Load index is calculated based on the load management policy settings.

No alert is generated if delivery group is in Citrix maintenance mode or empty.


The following configuration parameters are customizable:


The monitoring period (the default interval is set to 300 seconds).


Time at which to start time interval (not set by default).


The currently available load/capacity (in %) of a delivery group (the default is 10%).


Available capacity may be low because of various reasons, such as:


Maximum delivery group capacity reached

Check the delivery group load usage by clicking on the following links:

View Load Usage (in %)

View Load Performance

If the load is constantly near or at delivery groups' maximum capacity during peak hours, please consult with your Citrix administrator to add additional machines to the delivery group.

No available capacity

In this case, the total capacity is not reached, but the available capacity is low. This indicates that there are possible machine registration issues. Check if there are any recent machine registration failures for the delivery group.

View machine failed registrations

If unused machines exist in the delivery group and are pending in "Unregistered" state or are being restarted periodically by the delivery controller, there may be registration issues with the machines that need attention.

If available capacity is low for short periods of time, then, a possible root cause could be that the infrastructure (delivery controller and hypervisor) isn't able to properly manage the "idle pool" - pool of machines that are ready for new connections. Machine idle pool is being managed by setting the power management policies for the delivery group. It may take up to a few minutes for the new machine to be ready for new connections.

Failure of one or more servers in the delivery group

Check if there were any recent machine failures which may happen for various reasons, such as, hypervisor or network issues, OS failures or end-user application defects.

Abnormal high resource usage of one or more users/applications on the servers in delivery group

Check if processor usage on the servers is higher than usual. It may happen that a certain applications consumes abnormal amount of resources (i.e. defect in application itself).

Server OS Machine Performance


For more information on XenApp/XenDesktop power management features, see the following information:

Citrix Broker SDK - Machine Power Management

Element properties:

Parent MonitorComTrade.Citrix.XenDesktop.DeliveryGroup.Load.AggregateMonitor
Alert GenerateTrue
Alert SeverityMatchMonitorHealth
Alert PriorityNormal
Alert Auto ResolveTrue
Monitor TypeCitrix.XenDesktop.DeliveryGroup.GenericPerformanceThresholdTwoState.UnitMonitorType
Alert Message
Free Capacity (\%) Is Lower Than Expected
Free capacity (available load) for the delivery group '{0}' is lower than expected.

Site: {1}
Delivery group: {2}
Available load/capacity (in \%): {3}