XenApp Session Latency - Average (Alert)

Comtrade.Citrix.XenApp.Rule.SessionLatencyAverageConsecutive (Rule)

Monitors the average latency (in milliseconds) of a session.

Knowledge Base article:


Helps to identify sessions that deliver slow responsiveness (screen updates) to end-users. The name of the user, application, and client IP address are included in the alert details.

Alert is triggered only when average latency (in milliseconds) is above threshold for specified number of consecutive samples (NumberOfSamples parameter).


The following configuration parameters are customizable:


The recurring interval of time in seconds in which the alert rule is started (the default value is set to 300 seconds). In general this parameter should not be changed. To achieve alert to be triggered after different time than default, update NumberOfSamples parameter.


The threshold value for latency average in milliseconds. Default value is 5000.


Number of consecutive samples considered before generating an alert. Minimum value for this parameter is 2.

For example, set this parameter to 3 if alert should be generated only when average latency is above threshold for 3 consecutive monitoring intervals.


This value must be always set based on NumberOfSamples and IntervalSeconds parameters. Please see the formula below.

Formula for ConsolidationInterval:

ConsolidationInterval = ((NumberOfSamples - 1) * IntervalSeconds ) * 1.1

Example for monitor to generate alert only when monitored value is above threshold for 20 minutes (4 consecutive samples):

IntervalSeconds = 300 (5 minutes) NumberOfSamples = 4 ( 20 minutes / 5 minutes = 4) ConsolidationInterval = ((4 - 1) * 300) * 1.1 = 990

Element properties:

Alert GenerateTrue
Alert SeverityWarning
Alert PriorityNormal
Alert Message
XenApp Session Latency - Average
Average latency of a session on {0} is above the threshold for multiple consecutive samples.

Average latency: {1} ms

Session info:

Session name: {2}
Session ID: {3}
User: {4}
Client info: {5}
Client name: {6}
Session type: {7}
Session state: {8}
Applications: {9}

For more information about session see Alert Context section.

Member Modules:

ID Module Type TypeId RunAs 
DS DataSource Comtrade.Citrix.XenApp.DS.XenApp.SessionsAlertProviderConsecutive Default
Alert WriteAction System.Health.GenerateAlert Default