Total File Count of User Profile (Alert)

Comtrade.Citrix.XenApp.Rule.UserProfile.TotalFileCount (Rule)

Monitors the total file count of a user profile.

Knowledge Base article:


Helps to identify user profiles that contain a large number of files. With roaming profiles, a large number of files in a user’s profile means that user’s logon and logoff processes are going to be slower.

Element properties:

Alert GenerateTrue
Alert SeverityError
Alert PriorityNormal
Alert Message
Total File Count of User Profile
Total file count of the user profile exceeded the threshold value.

Total file count: {0}

User profile info:

Measurement time: {1}
Domain name: {2}
Username: {3}
Total file size: {4} MB

Total file count: {5}
Custom file count: {6}
Executable file count: {7}
Media file count: {8}

For more information about user profile see Alert Context section.

Member Modules:

ID Module Type TypeId RunAs 
DS DataSource Comtrade.Citrix.XenApp.DS.XenApp.ProfilesAlertProvider Default
Alert WriteAction System.Health.GenerateAlert Default