Avg. User Logon Brokering Time

Comtrade.Citrix.XenDesktop.EndUser.DeliveryGroup.Logons.AverageBrokeringTime.Monitor (UnitMonitor)

Monitors average user logon brokering time (in seconds) for a delivery group. This is the time taken to complete the process of brokering the session.

Knowledge Base article:


Monitors the average user logon brokering time (in seconds) for a delivery group.

Brokering is a process that allows a user to click a desktop or application resource, and have a 'worker' (server or desktop machine) selected and prepared for an inbound ICA/HDX connection. During brokering process, the Broker Service is responsible for negotiating session launch requests with delivery group machines. The Broker Service communicates with the VDA agent over a CBP (connection brokering protocol) protocol to validate a machine’s readiness to fulfil a session launch request, gather the necessary details (IP address or host name), and send the details to the StoreFront site to be packaged and delivered as an '.ICA' launch file that’s consumed by the Receiver.


Overridable parameters:


The recurring interval of time in seconds in which the monitor is started (the default value is set to 300 seconds).


Warning alert threshold (the default value is set to 5 seconds).


Used for troubleshooting (the default value is set to false).


Reasons for a slower brokering logon phase can be:


To view the logon phase trend on a delivery group in the past days, open the following link:

Delivery group average logon performance

Also, please see the Delivery Group - Logons per Week (Plan & Manage) report to view how the average logon phase time changed for the past weeks.

If the brokering time is slow in general, please escalate the issue to the XenApp/XenDesktop administrator to check the load balancing on the Delivery Controller.


Click the following link to get more info about logon process:

XenApp/XenDesktop Connection Process and Communication Flow

Also, please see the following Citrix article on troubleshooting slow XenApp logons:

How to Troubleshoot Slow Logons

Element properties:

Parent MonitorSystem.Health.PerformanceState
Alert GenerateTrue
Alert SeverityMatchMonitorHealth
Alert PriorityNormal
Alert Auto ResolveTrue
Monitor TypeComtrade.Citrix.XenDesktop.EndUser.DeliveryGroup.Logons.UnitMonitorType
Alert Message
User Logon Process - Delivery Group Average Logon Brokering Time
The average user logon brokering time for delivery group '{0}' in site '{1}' is {2} s.