Avg. User Logon Duration

Comtrade.Citrix.XenDesktop.EndUser.DeliveryGroup.Logons.AverageCompleteDuration.Monitor (UnitMonitor)

Monitors average user logon duration (in seconds) for a delivery group. Total logon duration is the elapsed time from the point when a user launches a desktop or application via Storefront to the point when a user can start using it.

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Monitors the average logon duration for a delivery group. The logon duration is the elapsed time from the point when a user launches a desktop or application via Storefront to the point when a user can start using it.


Overridable parameters:


The recurring interval of time in seconds in which the monitor is started (the default value is set to 300 seconds).


Warning alert threshold (the default value is set to 90 seconds).


Used for troubleshooting (the default value is set to false).


There are various reasons for a slower user logon including:

Also, check root causes of all logon phases which are included into the complete logon duration.


To view the logon duration trend on a delivery group in the past days, open the following link:

Delivery group average logon performance

Also, please see the Delivery Group - Logons per Week (Plan & Manage) report to view how the average logon duration changed for the past weeks.


User logon is a complex and a resource intensive process on a Citrix server or desktop OS machine. It is initiated when Citrix delivery group load balancing algorithm selects the system where published application and/or desktop that user has selected will be started, and ends when the application and/or desktop is running and the user is able to interact with it.

Management Pack breaks down the Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop logon process into the following phases.

Phase 1: Brokering

The time taken to decide which desktop to assign to the user.

Phase 2: VM start

In case the session required a machine to be started, the time taken to boot the desktop.

Phase 3: HDX connection

The time taken to complete the steps required in setting up the HDX connection from the client to the VM, dependding on the network.

Phase 4: Authentication

The time taken to complete authentication to the remote session.

Phase 5: Profile load

The phase starts just after the user credentials are validated and lasts until the profile is downloaded from the profile storage (network share).

Phase 6: GPOs

During this phase, group policy objects are applied/defined on the Domain Controller.

Phase 7: Logon scripts

This phase covers the time taken for the logon scripts to be executed.

Phase 8: Interactive session

The phase starts in parallel with GPOs phase and covers Citrix specific activity before it launches the requested application: launching seamless windows engine shell, auto creation of client printers and ICA client update process.


Click the following link to get more info about logon process:

XenApp/XenDesktop Connection Process and Communication Flow

Also, please see the following Citrix article on troubleshooting slow XenApp logons:

How to Troubleshoot Slow Logons

You may also want to check out the Citrix logon optimization guide:

Logon Optimization Guide

Element properties:

Parent MonitorSystem.Health.PerformanceState
Alert GenerateTrue
Alert SeverityMatchMonitorHealth
Alert PriorityNormal
Alert Auto ResolveTrue
Monitor TypeComtrade.Citrix.XenDesktop.EndUser.DeliveryGroup.Logons.UnitMonitorType
Alert Message
User Logon Process - Delivery Group Average Logon Duration
The average user logon duration for delivery group '{0}' in site '{1}' is {2} s.