Clustered Data ONTAP: Discovery Rule

DataONTAP.Cluster.Discovery.Rule (Rule)

Knowledge Base article:


The Discovery Rule discovers all storage entities associated with the storage system:

Storage discovery is enabled by default. For large systems, discovery may take several minutes. A record is made for each discovered entity in the SCOM database.


Three overrides are available for this rule. Sync Time and Interval Seconds determine when and how often the rule runs. Timeout Seconds determines how long System Center Operations Manager waits for the rule to complete.

Additional Information

Discovered entities are assigned to the OCPM resource pool. The resource pool distributes assigned entities to multiple management servers. The following entities and their underlying objects can be assigned to the OCPM resource pool:

Element properties:

Alert GenerateFalse

Member Modules:

ID Module Type TypeId RunAs 
SimpleSchedulerDataSource DataSource System.SimpleScheduler Default
RunDataONTAPClusterDiscoveryWriteAction WriteAction DataONTAP.Cluster.Discovery.WriteActionModuleType Default

Source Code:

<Rule ID="DataONTAP.Cluster.Discovery.Rule" Target="DataONTAP.Cluster.ManagementServerResourcePool" Enabled="true" ConfirmDelivery="false" Remotable="true" Priority="Normal" DiscardLevel="100">
<DataSource ID="SimpleSchedulerDataSource" TypeID="System!System.SimpleScheduler">
<!-- IntervalSeconds specifies how often we will run the discovery. -->
<!-- SyncTime specifies the minutes after the hour to synchronize execution of the discovery. -->
<WriteAction ID="RunDataONTAPClusterDiscoveryWriteAction" TypeID="DataONTAP.Cluster.Discovery.WriteActionModuleType">