Issues with IGMP configured as RAS client

Issues_with_IGMP_configured_as_RAS_client_1_Rule (Rule)

Knowledge Base article:

Management Pack
The Internet Group Management Protocol version 2 (IGMPv2) encountered an error while connecting or disconnecting RAS client.
The most common reasons for this error are:
  1. There was an attempt to connect RAS client to non-RAS interface.
  2. There was an attempt to disconnect non-existing RAS client.
  3. There was an attempt to disconnect RAS client from a non-RAS interface.
  1. Verify whether the interface is a RAS interface.
  2. Verify whether the RAS client exists and you are trying to disconnect it from a RAS interface
Sample Event
Sample Event#1: IGMP could not be configured on Ras Client %1 on interface withindex %2.The data is the error code.
Sample Event#2: Unable to disable IGMP on Ras Client %1 on the interface withindex %2.The data is the error code.
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Element properties:

Alert GenerateFalse
Event LogSystem

Member Modules:

ID Module Type TypeId RunAs 
DS DataSource Microsoft.Windows.EventProvider Default
WriteToDB WriteAction Microsoft.SystemCenter.CollectEvent Default

Source Code:

<Rule ID="Issues_with_IGMP_configured_as_RAS_client_1_Rule" Enabled="true" Target="Microsoft.Windows.RemoteAccess.2012.Class.VPNServer" ConfirmDelivery="true" Remotable="true" Priority="Normal" DiscardLevel="100">
<DataSource ID="DS" TypeID="Windows!Microsoft.Windows.EventProvider">
<XPathQuery Type="UnsignedInteger">EventDisplayNumber</XPathQuery>
<XPathQuery Type="String">PublisherName</XPathQuery>
<WriteAction ID="WriteToDB" TypeID="SystemCenter!Microsoft.SystemCenter.CollectEvent"/>