Cisco Router: DS1 current unavailable seconds Health Monitor

Jalasoft.Xian.SmartManagementPacks.CiscoRouters.DS1CurrentUnavailableSeconds.1.1 (AggregateMonitor)

This monitor catches Xian events that notifies when the DS1 current unavailable seconds has changed its state.

Knowledge Base article:


Number of DS1 Current Unavailable Seconds is over threshold.

The number of Unavailable Seconds in the current 15-minute interval is above the maximum threshold configured in Xian Network Manager 2012.


Unavailable Seconds (UAS) are calculated by counting the number of seconds when the interface is unavailable. The DS1 interface is said to be unavailable from the onset of 10 contiguous SESs, or the onset of the condition leading to a failure (Far End Alarm Failure, Alarm Indication Signal Failure, Loss of Frame Failure, Loss of Signal Failure, Loopback Pseudo-Failure. TS16 Alarm Indication Signal Failure. Loss of MultiFrame.

Contiguous Severely Errored Seconds.


Once unavailable, the DS1 path becomes available at the onset of 10 consecutive seconds with no SESs. Test for Excessive Path Code Violation Error Events, Out of Frame defects, or a detected AIS defect.


This rule monitors the number of Unavailable Seconds encountered by a DS1 interface in the current 15-minute interval.

Element properties:

Parent MonitorSystem.Health.PerformanceState
Alert GenerateTrue
Alert SeverityMatchMonitorHealth
Alert PriorityLow
Alert Auto ResolveTrue
Alert Message
DS1 current unavailable seconds Alert

Source Code:

<AggregateMonitor ID="Jalasoft.Xian.SmartManagementPacks.CiscoRouters.DS1CurrentUnavailableSeconds.1.1" Accessibility="Public" Enabled="true" Target="ThirdParty_Cisco!Jalasoft.Xian.Common.Elements.ThirdParty.Cisco.JsXCiscoRouterSnmpInterfaceElement" ParentMonitorID="SystemHealth!System.Health.PerformanceState" Remotable="true" Priority="Normal">
<AlertSettings AlertMessage="DS1CurrentUnavailableSeconds_AlertMessage">