Cisco Wireless: Signal strength Health Monitor

Jalasoft.Xian.SmartManagementPacks.CiscoWireless.SignalStrength.1.1 (AggregateMonitor)

This monitor catches Xian events that notifies when the Signal strength has changed its state.

Knowledge Base article:


Signal strength is under threshold.

The percentage of signal strength is below the minimum threshold configured in Xian Network Manager 2012.


Poor signal strength results of the distance from the wireless signal, noise in the background or obstructions in the way. Also you can note that the signal nulling occurs when the reflected waves arrive exactly out of phase with the main signal and cancel the main signal completely and the decreased signal amplitude occurs when the reflected waves arrive out of phase to some extent with the main signal thereby reducing the signal amplitude.


Occasional reductions in the signal strength could be due to an irregular interference. You may want to perform a site survey to discover the real signal strength and fit to requirements. Note.- Sporadically, the strength might appear higher due to reflected signals.


Monitors signal strength from a Cisco Wireless interface.

Element properties:

Parent MonitorSystem.Health.PerformanceState
Alert GenerateTrue
Alert SeverityMatchMonitorHealth
Alert PriorityLow
Alert Auto ResolveTrue
Alert Message
Signal strength Alert

Source Code:

<AggregateMonitor ID="Jalasoft.Xian.SmartManagementPacks.CiscoWireless.SignalStrength.1.1" Accessibility="Public" Enabled="true" Target="ThirdParty_Cisco!Jalasoft.Xian.Common.Elements.ThirdParty.Cisco.JsXCiscoWirelessInterfaceElement" ParentMonitorID="SystemHealth!System.Health.PerformanceState" Remotable="true" Priority="Normal">
<AlertSettings AlertMessage="SignalStrength_AlertMessage">