Microsoft.Windows.Server.ClusterDisksMonitoring.ClusterDisk.Base(Abstract) Cluster Disk

Microsoft.Windows.Server.ClusterDisksMonitoring.ClusterDisk.Base (ClassType)

Cluster Disks on failover clusters (Windows Server 2008 and higher). A cluster disk is accessible for all cluster nodes at the same time and managed in an automated FSMO mode.

Element properties:

Base ClassMicrosoft.Windows.ApplicationComponent

Class Hierarchy:

Class Properties:

Property Name Type Display Name (ENU) Description (ENU) Key Max Length Min Length Case Sensitive
DisplayName  string  Display Name Display name of monitoring object. false 256  False 
ClusterResourceName  string  Cluster Resource Name Cluster Resource Name for the Cluster Disk true 256  False 
ClusterDiskName  string  Cluster Disk Name Name of the Cluster Disk false 256  False 
PartitionName  string  Partition Name Partition name of the Cluster Disk false 256  False 
PartitionFileSystem  string  Partition File System Partition file system of the Cluster Disk false 256  False 
PartitionSize  int  Partition Size Partition size of the Cluster Disk false 256   
ClusterName  string  Cluster Name Cluster name false 256  False 
VolumeLabel  string  Volume Label Volume Name of the Cluster Disk false 256  False 

Health Model:

Source Code:

<ClassType ID="Microsoft.Windows.Server.ClusterDisksMonitoring.ClusterDisk.Base" Accessibility="Public" Abstract="true" Base="Windows!Microsoft.Windows.ApplicationComponent" Hosted="true" Singleton="false">
<Property ID="ClusterResourceName" Type="string" Key="true"/>
<Property ID="ClusterDiskName" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="PartitionName" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="PartitionFileSystem" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="PartitionSize" Type="int"/>
<Property ID="ClusterName" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="VolumeLabel" Type="string"/>