All Discoveries in AppSense.PM.8 Management Pack

AppSense.PM.8.Agent.DiscoveryAppSense PM 8 Agent DiscoveryDiscovery Class to discover all instances of the AppSense PM Agent 8.x installed on Windows computers within the scope of the System Center Operations Manager 2007 Management Group.AppSense.PM.8.Agent.DiscoveryMicrosoft.Windows.ComputerTrue86400False
AppSense.PM.8.Agent.Group.PopulateAppSense PM 8 Agent Group PopulatorDiscovery class to populate the AppSense PM 8 Agent Computer Group with all instances of the AppSense PM Agent 8 Class.AppSense.PM.8.Agent.Group.PopulateAppSense.PM.8.Agent.GroupTrue0False
AppSense.PM.8.All.Group.PopulateAppSense PM 8 All.Group All Group PopulatorInstance Discovery class containing all sub-group for all Products in the AppSense PM 8 Family.AppSense.PM.8.All.Group.PopulateAppSense.PM.8.All.GroupTrue0False