ComTrade.Citrix.CloudBridge.ApplianceCitrix CloudBridge Appliance

ComTrade.Citrix.CloudBridge.Appliance (ClassType)

The Citrix CloudBridge Appliance.

Element properties:

Base ClassComTrade.Citrix.CloudBridge.Appliance.Base

Class Hierarchy:

Class Properties:

Property Name Type Display Name (ENU) Description (ENU) Key Max Length Min Length Case Sensitive
DisplayName  string  Display Name Display name of monitoring object. false 256  False 
IPAddress  string  IP Address The Device IP Address false 256  False 
DeviceKey  string  Device Key The key for the device Appliance. true 256  False 
MPKey  string  MPCB Key The CloudBridge Management Pack key value. It is combination of host id, serial number and CloudBridge IP address. false 256  False 
Hostname  string  Hostname The CloudBridge hostname. false 256  False 
Product  string  Product The product name of the Citrix CloudBridge device. false 256  False 
PrimaryIPAddress  string  Primary IP Address IP Address of the Primary Port, which is for management data. false 256  False 
SerialNumber  string  Serial Number Appliance serial number. false 256  False 
HighAvailabilityVirtualManagementIP  string  High Availability Virtual Management IP Address Virtual Management IP Address used in HA setup. false 256  False 
HighAvailabilitySecondaryIP  string  High Availability Secondary IP Address When retrieved from the primary unit (in HA configuration), this is the IP Address of the secondary unit. When retrieved from a secondary or standalone unit, this is false 256  False 
Contact  string  Contact The textual identification of the contact person for this managed node, together with information on how to contact this person. false 256  False 
Location  string  Location The physical location of this node. false 256  False 
BandwidthMode  string  Bandwidth Mode The selected bandwidth usage. Available values are: (1) for full, and (2) for partial bandwidth usage. false 256  False 
SoftwareVersion  string  Software Version The appliance software version. false 256  False 
SystemHardware  string  System Hardware The system hardware. false 256  False 
ICAMultiStream  string  ICA Multi Stream Enabled The flag to show when ICA Multi Stream is enabled or not. false 256  False 
PrimaryDNS  string  Primary DNS The primary DNS server. false 256  False 
SecondaryDNS  string  Secondary DNS The secondary DNS. false 256  False 
CIFSProtocolOptimization  string  CIFS Protocol Optimization The flag which indicate when CIFS protocol optimization is enabled or not. false 256  False 
WindowsDomain  string  Windows Domain Name The windows domain name. false 256  False 
WindowsDomainStatus  string  Windows Domain Enabled The flag which indicate when windows domain is enabled. false 256  False 

Health Model: