ComTrade.Citrix.CloudBridge.Appliance.Component.Interface.BaseCloudBridge Interface Component Base

ComTrade.Citrix.CloudBridge.Appliance.Component.Interface.Base (ClassType)

The base component class of the CloudBridge Interface.

Element properties:

Base ClassComTrade.Citrix.CloudBridge.Appliance.Component.Base

Class Hierarchy:

Class Properties:

Property Name Type Display Name (ENU) Description (ENU) Key Max Length Min Length Case Sensitive
DisplayName  string  Display Name Display name of monitoring object. false 256  False 
MPKey  string  MPCB Key The CloudBridge Management Pack key value. It is combination of host id, serial number and CloudBridge IP address. false 256  False 
IPAddress  string  Device IP Address The CloudBridge Device IP Address. false 256  False 
DeviceKey  string  Device Key The key property of the device Appliance in System Center Operations Manager. false 256  False 
Index  string  Index A unique value, greater than zero, for each interface. It is recommended that values are assigned contiguously starting from 1. The value for each interface sub-layer must remain constant at least from one re-initialization of the entity's network management system to the next re-initialization. false 256  False 
Name  string  Name A textual string containing information about the interface. This string should include the name of the manufacturer, the product name and the version of the interface hardware/software. true 256  False 
Type  string  Type The type of interface. Additional values for ifType are assigned by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), through updating the syntax of the IANA ifType textual convention. false 256  False 
PhysicalAddress  string  Physical Address The interface's address at its protocol sub-layer. For example, for an 802.x interface, this object normally contains a MAC address. The interface's media-specific MIB must define the bit and byte ordering and the format of the value of this object. For interfaces which do not have such an address (e.g., a serial line), this object should contain an octet string of zero length. false 256  False 
Speed  string  Speed An estimate of the interface's current bandwidth in bits per second. For interfaces which do not vary in bandwidth or for those where no accurate estimation can be made, this object should contain the nominal bandwidth. If the bandwidth of the interface is greater than the maximum value reportable by this object then this object should report its maximum value (4,294,967,295) and ifHighSpeed must be used to report the interface's speed. For a sub-layer which has no concept of bandwidth, this object should be zero. false 256  False 
MaximumTransferUnit  string  Maximum Transfer Unit The size of the largest packet which can be sent/received on the interface, specified in octets. For interfaces that are used for transmitting network datagrams, this is the size of the largest network datagram that can be sent on the interface. false 256  False 
AdminStatus  string  Desired State The desired state of the interface. The testing(3) state indicates that no operational packets can be passed. When a managed system initializes, all interfaces start with ifAdminStatus in the down(2) state. As a result of either explicit management action or per configuration information retained by the managed system, ifAdminStatus is then changed to either the up(1) or testing(3) states (or remains in the down(2) state). false 256  False 

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