ComTrade.Citrix.CloudBridge.CloudBridgeDeviceCitrix CloudBridge Network Device

ComTrade.Citrix.CloudBridge.CloudBridgeDevice (ClassType)

The Citrix CloudBridge network device.

Element properties:

Base ClassSystem.NetworkManagement.Node

Class Hierarchy:

Class Properties:

Property Name Type Display Name (ENU) Description (ENU) Key Max Length Min Length Case Sensitive Default Value EnumType
DisplayName  string  Display Name Display name of the object. false 4000  False     
ObjectStatus  enum  Object Status Object status false 256    System.ConfigItem.ObjectStatusEnum.Active  System.ConfigItem.ObjectStatusEnum 
AssetStatus  enum  Asset Status Asset status false 256      System.ConfigItem.AssetStatusEnum 
Notes  richtext  Notes Notes false 4000       
AccessMode  string  Access Mode The mode to access a system; can have one of the following values: ICMPONLY, SNMPONLY, or ICMPSNMP false 256  True     
Certification  string  Certification Defines the level of certification that this device has in the discovery process: UNSUPPORTED, GENERIC, TEMPLATE, CERTIFIED, VALIDATED, UNDISCOVERED false 256  True     
Description  string  Description A textual description of the object false 256  True     
DeviceKey  string  Device Key The key of the device true 256  False     
Location  string  Location A description of where this system is located false 256  True     
Model  string  Model The name by which the system is generally known false 256  True     
PortNumber  int  Port Number The UDP port number at which the SNMP agent is listening false 38       
PrimaryOwnerContact  string  Primary Owner Contact A string that provides information on how the primary system owner can be reached (such as phone number or e-mail address) false 256  True     
PrimaryOwnerName  string  Primary Owner Name The name of the primary owner of the system false 256  True     
VirtualCommunitySuffix  string  Virtual Community Suffix The suffix of virtual community string false 256  True     
SNMPAddress  string  SNMP Agent Address The primary address used to contact the SNMP agent running on this system false 256  True     
SNMPVersion  int  SNMP Version The SNMP protocol version used to communicate with the SNMP agent false 256       
SupportsSNMP  bool  Supports SNMP TRUE if this system is manageable via SNMP false 256       
sysName  string  MIB2 System Name The MIB2 sysName of this Node object false 256  True     
SystemObjectID  string  System Object ID The System Object Identifier associated with the vendor of this system false 256  True     
Vendor  string  Vendor The name of the system's supplier false 256  True     
Product  string  Product The product name of the Citrix CloudBridge device. false 256  False     

Health Model: