IBM.HWPRO.VMHost.BaseClassIBM SCVMM-Managed Host

IBM.HWPRO.VMHost.BaseClass (ClassType)

IBM Server Hosting Virtual Machines and Managed by SCVMM

Element properties:

Base ClassMicrosoft.SystemCenter.VirtualMachineManager.Pro.2008.Public

Class Hierarchy:

Class Properties:

Property Name Type Display Name (ENU) Description (ENU) Key Max Length Min Length Case Sensitive
DisplayName  string  Display Name Display name of monitoring object. false 256  False 
Guid  string  VMM Object ID false 255  False 
Type  string  VMM Type ID false 255  False 
ProRecovery  string  PRO Recovery Level false 255  False 
ProEnableLevel  string  PRO Monitoring Level false 255  False 
VMMServer  string  VMM Server false 255  False 
Name  string  Computer Name false 255  False 
ibmProductFamilyName  string  IBM Product Family The name for IBM Product Family. false 256  False 
ibmMTandSN  string  IBM M/T and S/N The IBM machine type and serial number. false 256  False 
ibmMonitoringAgent  string  IBM Monitoring Agent The monitoring agent on IBM servers true 256  False 
ibmVMHostTypeDesc  string  Virtualization Platform The virtualization platform of the host, e.g. Microsoft Hyper-V or Microsoft Virtual Server false 256  False 
ibmInternalWinEventFiltering  int  IBM Internal - WinEvent Filtering IBM Internal - WinEvent filtering; to generate PRO alerts/tips for winevent's, if 0. false 256   
ibmInternalWmiNamespace  string  IBM Internal - Monitoring WMI Namespace IBM Internal - WMI namespace for the monitoring agent. false 256  False 
Licensed  string  License Level Information about the IBM PRO Pack License Level on the IBM system. false 256  False 

Health Model:

Source Code:

<ClassType Abstract="true" Accessibility="Public" Base="VMMPROV2!Microsoft.SystemCenter.VirtualMachineManager.PRO.V2.Host" Hosted="true" ID="IBM.HWPRO.VMHost.BaseClass" Singleton="false">
<Property CaseSensitive="false" ID="ibmProductFamilyName" Key="false" Length="256" MinLength="0" Type="string"/>
<Property CaseSensitive="false" ID="ibmMTandSN" Key="false" Length="256" MinLength="0" Type="string"/>
<Property CaseSensitive="false" ID="ibmMonitoringAgent" Key="true" Length="256" MinLength="0" Type="string"/>
<Property CaseSensitive="false" ID="ibmVMHostTypeDesc" Key="false" Length="256" MinLength="0" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="ibmInternalWinEventFiltering" Type="int"/>
<Property CaseSensitive="false" ID="ibmInternalWmiNamespace" Key="false" Length="256" MinLength="0" Type="string"/>
<Property CaseSensitive="false" ID="Licensed" Key="false" Length="256" MinLength="0" Type="string"/>
<!-- TODO: Licensed needs to be appropriately populated in discovery -->