Microsoft.BizTalk.Server.2016.BizTalkGroupBizTalk Group

Microsoft.BizTalk.Server.2016.BizTalkGroup (ClassType)

The management group for a set of computers running BizTalk Server. This class contains the root information for the group, defining where the databases for the group are stored.

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The BizTalk group is a unit of organization that usually represents an enterprise, department, hub, or other business units that require a contained BizTalk Server implementation. The BizTalk group has a one-to-one relationship with a BizTalk Server Management database (also known as the BizTalk Server Configuration database in BizTalk Server).

The BizTalk Group object is part of BizTalk Application View model; the object identifies a BizTalk Server installation and its health depends on the health of BizTalk Server applications and BizTalk Server host processes.

Element properties:

Base ClassSystem.LogicalEntity

Class Hierarchy:

Class Properties:

Property Name Type Display Name (ENU) Description (ENU) Key Max Length Min Length Case Sensitive
DisplayName  string  Display Name Display name of monitoring object. false 256  False 
Name  string  Name Name of the BizTalk group false 256  False 
MgmtDbName  string  Management Database Name Name of the BizTalk Management database true 256  False 
MgmtDbServerName  string  Management Database Server Name Name of the BizTalk Management database server true 256  False 

Health Model:

Source Code:

<ClassType ID="Microsoft.BizTalk.Server.2016.BizTalkGroup" Accessibility="Public" Abstract="false" Base="System!System.LogicalEntity" Hosted="true" Singleton="false">
<Property ID="Name" Type="string" Key="false" CaseSensitive="false" Length="256" MinLength="0"/>
<Property ID="MgmtDbName" Type="string" Key="true" CaseSensitive="false" Length="256" MinLength="0"/>
<Property ID="MgmtDbServerName" Type="string" Key="true" CaseSensitive="false" Length="256" MinLength="0"/>