Microsoft.SQLServer.Windows.DBEngineMSSQL on Windows: DB Engine

Microsoft.SQLServer.Windows.DBEngine (ClassType)

An installation of a MSSQL Database Engine on Windows. The database engine hosts databases and other SQL Server components.

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An installation of a MSSQL Database Engine on Windows. The database engine hosts databases and other SQL Server components.

Element properties:

Base ClassMicrosoft.SQLServer.Core.DBEngine

Class Hierarchy:

Class Properties:

Property Name Type Display Name (ENU) Description (ENU) Key Max Length Min Length Case Sensitive Default Value
DisplayName  string  Display Name Display name of the object. false 4000  False   
MachineName  string  Machine Name true 256  False   
InstanceName  string  Instance Name true 256  False   
ConnectionString  string  Connection String false 256  False   
Edition  string  Edition false 256  False   
Language  string  Language false 256  False   
Version  string  Version false 256  False   
ServiceName  string  SQL Server Service Name false 256  False   
ServiceClusterName  string  SQL Server Service Name If Clustered Resource false 256  False   
Cluster  string  Cluster false 256  False   
PerformanceCounterObject  string  Performance Counter Object Name false 256  False   
AgentName  string  SQL Server Agent Service Name false 256  False   
Type  string  Instance Type false 256  False  DB Engine 
MonitoringType  string  Monitoring Type false 256  False   
PrincipalName  string  Principal Name false 256  False   
AgentClusterName  string  SQL Server Agent Windows Service Name If Clustered Resource false 256  False   
AuthenticationMode  string  Authentication Mode false 256  False   
FullTextSearchServiceName  string  Full Text Search Service Name false 256  False   
FullTextSearchServiceClusterName  string  Full Text Search Service Name If Clustered Resource false 256  False   
MasterDatabaseLocation  string  Master Database Location false 256  False   
MasterDatabaseLogLocation  string  Master Database Log Location false 256  False   
ErrorLogLocation  string  Error Log Location false 256  False   
ServicePackVersion  string  Service Pack Version false 256  False   
AuditLevel  string  Audit Level false 256  False   
InstallPath  string  Install Path false 256  False   
ToolsPath  string  Tools Path false 256  False   
EnableErrorReporting  string  Error Reporting Enabled false 256  False   
Account  string  Account Name false 256  False   
InstanceID  string  Instance ID false 256  False   

Health Model:

Source Code:

<ClassType ID="Microsoft.SQLServer.Windows.DBEngine" Base="SqlCoreLib!Microsoft.SQLServer.Core.DBEngine" Accessibility="Public" Abstract="false" Hosted="false" Singleton="false">
<Property ID="MonitoringType" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="PrincipalName" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="AgentClusterName" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="AuthenticationMode" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="FullTextSearchServiceName" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="FullTextSearchServiceClusterName" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="MasterDatabaseLocation" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="MasterDatabaseLogLocation" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="ErrorLogLocation" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="ServicePackVersion" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="AuditLevel" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="InstallPath" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="ToolsPath" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="EnableErrorReporting" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="Account" Key="false" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="InstanceID" Key="false" Type="string"/>