Access Services: Excessive Failed SQL Connections

Microsoft.SharePoint.2019.AccessDataServicesExcessiveFailedSQLConnections (AggregateMonitor)

Knowledge Base article:


This monitor rolls up the health information for all monitors under it. If this monitor reflects an unhealthy state, it means that one or more monitors that roll up to this monitor reflect an unhealthy state. If the state is unknown, either monitoring has not begun for this object or there are no monitors defined that roll up to this monitor.


An unhealthy state for this monitor indicates some problem with another monitor running against this object. View all current alerts from this object using this link:

View Alerts


Use the health explorer to drill down and find the cause of the unhealthy state. Use the knowledge on the specific monitor causing the issue to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Element properties:

Parent MonitorSystem.Health.AvailabilityState
Alert GenerateTrue
Alert SeverityMatchMonitorHealth
Alert PriorityNormal
Alert Auto ResolveTrue
Alert Message
Access Services: Excessive Failed SQL Connections Alert
A warning incident has occurred where the back end Access Data Services application server failed to connect to SQL server a number of times.

Source Code:

<AggregateMonitor ID="Microsoft.SharePoint.2019.AccessDataServicesExcessiveFailedSQLConnections" Accessibility="Public" Enabled="true" Target="MOSS19Core!Microsoft.SharePoint.2019.SPServiceInstance.Access2" ParentMonitorID="Health!System.Health.AvailabilityState" Priority="Normal">
<AlertSettings AlertMessage="Microsoft.SharePoint.2019.AccessDataServicesExcessiveFailedSQLConnections_AlertMessageResourceID">