System.User (ClassType)

Defines the basic properties of users. Use this to query or target users across all other categories, such as Active Directory users.

Element properties:

Base ClassSystem.LogicalEntity

Class Hierarchy:

Class Properties:

Property Name Type Display Name (ENU) Description (ENU) Key Max Length Min Length Case Sensitive Default Value EnumType
DisplayName  string  Display Name Display name of the object. false 4000  False     
ObjectStatus  enum  Object Status Object status false 256    System.ConfigItem.ObjectStatusEnum.Active  System.ConfigItem.ObjectStatusEnum 
AssetStatus  enum  Asset Status Asset status false 256      System.ConfigItem.AssetStatusEnum 
Notes  richtext  Notes Notes false 4000       
FirstName  string  First Name First Name false 256  False     
Initials  string  Initials Initials false 256  False     
LastName  string  Last Name Last Name false 256  False     
Company  string  Company Company false 256  False     
Department  string  Department Department false 256  False     
Office  string  Office Office false 256  False     
Title  string  Title Title false 256  False     
EmployeeId  string  Employee Identifier Employee Identifier false 256  False     
StreetAddress  string  Street Address Street Address false 1024  False     
City  string  City City false 256  False     
State  string  State State false 256  False     
Zip  string  Zip Zip false 256  False     
Country  string  Country Country false 256  False     
BusinessPhone  string  Business Phone Business Phone false 256  False     
BusinessPhone2  string  Business Phone2 Business Phone2 false 256  False     
HomePhone  string  Home Phone Home Phone false 256  False     
HomePhone2  string  Home Phone2 Home Phone2 false 256  False     
Fax  string  Fax Fax false 256  False     
Mobile  string  Mobile Mobile false 256  False     
Pager  string  Pager Pager false 256  False     

Health Model:

Source Code:

<ClassType ID="System.User" Base="System.LogicalEntity" Abstract="true" Accessibility="Public" Hosted="false">
<Property ID="FirstName" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="Initials" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="LastName" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="Company" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="Department" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="Office" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="Title" Type="string"/>
<!--<Property ID="SipAddress" Type="string" /> WI:137469-->
<!--<Property ID="Email" Type="string" /> WI:137469-->
<Property ID="EmployeeId" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="StreetAddress" Type="string" MaxLength="1024"/>
<Property ID="City" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="State" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="Zip" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="Country" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="BusinessPhone" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="BusinessPhone2" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="HomePhone" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="HomePhone2" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="Fax" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="Mobile" Type="string"/>
<Property ID="Pager" Type="string"/>
<!--<Property ID="Locale" Type="string" /> WI:137469-->